The Frozen Chosen

GODT NYT ÅR!!! It has been a great year. My first full year away from home. First full year spent in a different country. First full year of my mission… wait. What? YEAR MARK BABY!

We had a great week!

Wednesday we had the entire zone in Esbjerg to do a giant blitz splits! 24 missionaries in Esbjerg! They didn’t know what hit them. We spent the morning walking around contacting, then on our lunch break a bunch of us went ice skating!! It was so much fun! Then we split up. We had 2 cars, 4 bikes, and 2 contacting groups. I was in a car (taking advantage of the situation). It was so coordinated and SO successful! We had 25 new potentials by the end of the day! Miracles. We all had so much fun too! This is how missionary work should be.

For New Years we were with a member. It was pretty great. We had julemad again! (Never gets old) And we watched a movie about John the Revelator while he was on the island of Patmos receiving the revelations for the Book of Revelation. It was interesting because I’d read the Book of Revelation before, but to Sister Van Orden, who hadn’t, it was the weirdest movie ever. There also was a cheesy fake love story. I need to watch more movies with Sister Van Orden when I get home. It was a party. So funny. We had to be home by 11, so we had the member drive us home and then we made snickerdoodles, Elder Hawkes style! It was so fun. Great activity. Thanks pal.

Now I have to tell you about fireworks in Denmark. They are like nothing you’ve ever experienced. They start the Monday before and escalate throughout the week until it’s like one big grand finale all night long on the 31st/1st. It was incredible! We live on the ground floor so we went up the stairs to the top landing and opened the window! It was the best view. I almost cried, I was so happy. Just thinking about the past year and about the future year. It’s funny, because I’ll be on my mission for exactly half of this year and home for the other half, I made 2 lists of goals I want to accomplish. It’s crazy how fast time flies. I only have 6 months left. I was with Sister Floyd when she hit her year mark and now she’s leaving in a few days.

The day after, we spent all day inside, blasting our music, deep cleaning. It was wonderful. I love cleaning. We have a giant pile of genbrug stuff right by our front door that hopefully we’re taking care of today. The genbrug was closed the past couple days, so we’ll probably take a few trips. I wish we had a wagon. Or a car. Or a pack-horse. Bikes just aren’t the best for transporting stuff unfortunately. But our apt is nice and squeaky clean. I also got a package from my home ward! Super nice! And Jensen family, I’m grateful for the thought, even though the jar of cookie mix broke on the way over here. We dug out all the chocolate chips because those things are golden. You can’t buy them in Denmark. THANK YOU! I thought Christmas was over, but what do you know? And all those letters from the primary kids!! SO CUTE. I love my life.

So those who are condemned to serve in Esbjerg through the winter are dubbed “The Frozen Chosen”. I didn’t really take it seriously, but let me tell you, I’m repenting. January brought with it crazy winds coming in from Russia that are SO cold. It kills to bike because your gears are frozen and your legs are exhausted from biking against the wind. And your extremities are frozen, even though you’ve got the thickest gloves and socks and boots on. Kills. But, we move forward. It still hasn’t snowed yet. Knocking on wood. I don’t know how much worse the snow will make biking.

Anyway, that was my week. Sister Van Orden goes home in 7 days. It’s kind of crazy. I lvoe her so much. She’s my babe.

Have a great week and a great new year!

Søster Fergie

Søs VO: “Whatcha gonna do, make me eat a beet?”

“Nephi. Large in stature and in chin”

“I’m not gonna need a dyne to look like a marshmallow if you keep feeding me this crap”

Æ Weese: “Once upon a yonder year…”

Æ Jensen: “That is a fly onesie!”

Me: “I wasn’t sure if he was gonna be welcome backed”

SVO: “Sister Noorda warned me that both of us were gonna forget everything all the time.”
Me: “That’s why I wrote ‘Text Lasse’ on all of those days.”
SVO: “Oh no! We forgot to text Lasse!”

Haven't been ice skating in so long.

Haven’t been ice skating in so long.

​Blitz Splits activitet!

Blitz Splits activitet!

New Years Eve cookies sponsored by Hr. Caleb Hawkes

New Years Eve cookies sponsored by Hr. Caleb Hawkes




2 thoughts on “The Frozen Chosen

  1. Hi! So this is totally random. My parents are leaving Jan 10th to serve a mission in the Copenhagen Temple. They will be walking and using public transportation to get around, so I am trying to help my mom find some good/warm winter boots. (They are from Las Vegas). Anyway, any suggestions? Is there something good here? Should she wait and buy some there? She is super stylish, way more so than me, and she’ll want to look classy 🙂 and be warm. Anyway, please feel free to delete this comment…after you give me some advice :).
    PS I can tell you loved your mission. Yeah!!


    • I can’t remember the place I got mine, but they were around $200. I don’t think they’d need to buy any super expensive or crazy durable just because they won’t be biking or out in the weather ALL the time like we were as proselyting missionaries, but I would get some that will last their entire mission because shoes in Denmark are SO expensive. Don’t buy shoes there. I think most of the shoes over there you can buy over here for a much cheaper price.Umm I’m not sure where would be a good place to buy good shoes/boots though. I wish I could be of more help as far as that goes.


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