No, No, It’s a Pig

Man oh man, this week has been incredible and sad and wonderful and so memorable. So much love and happiness and weird feelings. It’s super hard to describe so I’m just going to tell you about it.

Horsens is a lovely place. It’s super old and pretty. The buildings are really old and it’s got the perfect amount of hills. Even on gray cloudy days it’s beautiful. It was a pleasure to serve there for a week. I got to ride Sister Rovig’s old bike which was the perfect height. I wanted to take it back to Esbjerg (Totally cheating on Rosemary). Plus it had 7 gears. SO much better than 3.

Wednesday the music group came to Horsens! A bunch of people I know and love were there, including my companion! I love that girl. I was talking to Elder Gudmundson in the hall and then around the corner came my favorite person in all the world and I totally broke off the conversation (Sorry Elder Gudmundson) to attack Sister Floyd in a giant hug. We were almost companions again for a little bit there as we went out to carol to some people. I HAVE MISSED THIS GIRL SO MUCH!!

They sang and the concert was SO good!! I recorded it for them. I’ve realized that I’ve been the software man for the group this whole time. Elder Porter is the hardware/sound man and I’m the software man. #ProudToBeOfAssistance But the Horsens concert had 27 non-members present! And only 5 were missionary-brought! Let’s go! We had a great sleepover with the group both that night and the night after.

THEN we had our fantastic 9 hour Christmas Zone Conference! Those 9 hours flew by, but we had some awesome trainings (made me cry), Sister Van Orden, Sister Sorensen, and Sister Floyd gave their farewell testimonies. Made me cry even harder. (I think I was the only one there who’d been companions with all 3 of them.) We had a great lunch, then ‘Julemand’ (Ex-Elder Mogensen) and his little helpers (The Assistants/Zone Leaders) passed out all of our Christmas packages! It was like Christmas!

After packages, we had a slideshow of embarrassing Christmas pictures of the whole mission that our moms sent in. It was great. Then we watched INDERSTE INDE!! What is it called in English…. Inside Out! I don’t think I’ve been so entertained by a movie in my life! The fact is that we hadn’t seen a real movie, one that’s not about the pioneers or Joseph Smith, in so long that it was hilarious and SO dramatic. Popcorn was thrown and missionary-appropriate curses were shouted. Sisters AND elders were crying #NoShame That should not be a kids movie. It messes with your mind. I bet a bunch of psychologists got together and wrote the plotline. Plus like BING-BONG! It was just like in Big Hero 6. Disney sacrifices people more than Doctor Who does. Who’s in charge of this? Such a good movie. And I love my mission!. We have the best missionaries in the world over here. It was especially apparent while we were watching the movie.

After a rollercoaster of emotions watching the movie, I snagged a picture with ALL OF MY COMPANIONS!!! When does that happen? So awesome, but it all came crashing down when I realized I had to say goodbye to Sister Floyd and Sister Noorda. My best friend and my mom. That whole train-ride back to Horsens I had to distract myself to keep from sinking deeper into my sadness pit. It was so hard. How wonderful it is to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.

That next day was especially emotional because I still had my little sadness pit, but my brother got married! It was really weird, I was sitting there at 9pm thinking “They’re getting married right now.” Sister Van Orden’s best friend was getting married that day too, so I called her and we chatted and laughed and cried. Oh the life of someone who’s away for a mere year and a half. I’m honestly super okay with my brother getting married, btw. It’s still so bizarre that I have no other room for any negative emotions towards it. I have a sister-in-law…

Sister Sørensen made my night better by sharing some Scooby-Doo fruit snacks that she’d gotten in a package from her boyfriend. I don’t think she realized how great that was. Scooby-Doo fruit snacks are the world’s best fruit snack! I used to ask for them for my birthday. Tak skat.

We had a nice last day in Horsens. It was a fun week. I’m excited to be in one spot with my babe Sister Van Orden. I’m also so incredibly excited for Christmas and to Skype my family! Last week was wonderful, but this week is gonna be SO GOOOOOD! Christmastiiiime is heeeeere!

I love you all! Have the best Christmas ever, and family, I’ll talk to you on Friday!!!

Søster Fergie

Mitch (investigator): “I keep waking up to the sun shining in my eyes”
Klaus (member): “Why don’t you just sleep with sunglasses?”

Me: “My toes want some ice cream!”
Søs Sø: “My toes ARE ice cream”

Søs Sø: “I wore my woodpecker Christmas socks just for the occasion”

So in the middle of the night I woke up to Sister Floyd grabbing Sister Sorensen’s laundry hamper and cuddling with it. I was half-asleep so my only thoughts were, “Is that comfortable? Just as long as it doesn’t bother me while I sleep” Nothing about “Why the crap are you doing that??” She almost peed when I told her about it the next morning.

Me: “This is great! I’ve never seen anything invisible in my life!”
Søs Sø: “Sister, think about what you just said”

My girl Floydy

My girl Floydy

Never ever will this happen again, but ALL of my companions were together in one place! Sister Orr and Sister Landvatter were there too, but Sister Orr left early. (Søs Floyd, Søs Van Orden, Søs Noorda, Søs Thompson, Søs Sørensen, og mig)

Never ever will this happen again, but ALL of my companions were together in one place!
Sister Orr and Sister Landvatter were there too, but Sister Orr left early.
(Søs Floyd, Søs Van Orden, Søs Noorda, Søs Thompson, Søs Sørensen, og mig)

Said goodbye to my mama

Said goodbye to my mama

Merry Christmas


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