Horsens, Horsens, Horsens

Okay, so just a confession, I’ve been wanting to use this title for my blog since I first found out that there was a sisters’ area called Horsens. And how appropriate, since it’s Christmas time (From Sleepless in Seattle where she’s driving home for Christmas and singing in the car).

It’s been a crazy week. I didn’t end up going to Slagelse, desværre (ultra mega super desværre), BUT I did get to go on splits with Sister Reed here in Esbjerg! It rained a lot, but we had a good time. I didn’t realize how much we bike here until she pointed it out. Esbjerg is a big area. We had a good time. We stayed in Esbjerg because we went to a Christmas concert for a few less-actives of ours. It was in a church in a little town outside of Esbjerg. We had quite the adventure finding it. And then the bus only came once an hour so we had to leave the concert early and book it out to the bus stop. Our coats were half on and all our hats and scarves were bundled in our arms. But we made it with 1 minute to spare. Sådan. I love Sister Reed! I don’t think I’ll ever be her comp (she leaves in a transfer and a half), but that was a fun splits.

Søs Sø and I went out to the beach the other day to contact. It was so cold, but we took some pics with the giant four white men statues. The sun was beautiful. It’s really weird because the sun is starting to go down at 3pm. Luckily the 21st is when it starts getting lighter again. I found some rocks. And a seashell. And a bunch of unfinished seaglass that was cast back into the waves with a shout of “Come back when you’re REALLY ready!!!” The nerve.

We put together Kirsten Søe’s new kitchen table and chairs! It was pretty fun! I’m turning into a very handy handyman. At least that’s what Kirsten said. I built three chairs in the time it took her to do one. That was fun.

We had our Ward Christmas Concert! It was so good! We dressed up as shepherds with the primary and sang with the ward choir. It gave me goosebumps. And then we danced around the Christmas tree! I think I want to stay in Denmark forever just for that. It was so fun!!! My family will be doing it. And the super skinny Julemand (Santa) gave us little bags of treats.

Saturday We spent the morning making cookies and then spent the whole day biking around delivering them. Both Sister Sorensen and I have traditions in our family where we make treats for the neighbors. Couldn’t break tradition. It was so great!

I also had an awesome miracle story! So we were at the library the other day, working on an article Sister Sorensen and Sister Mandla are working on for the Liahona. I was proof-reading it. But we were sitting there and there’s this Iranian man sitting at the computer across from me. He calls a library worker over and asks if she can help him with something. She told him that he would have to figure it out by himself, which I thought was pretty rude. So after she left I went over and asked if it was anything I could help him with. He had translated something from English to Danish and just needed someone to proof-read it, which was just what I was doing with Sister Sorensen. So I did, had him fix a few things, and gave him a card with our number on it. Later that day he texted to say thanks and I invited him to our Christmas concert last Friday. He came! I was so happy! After the concert I went up and said hi and asked him what he believed. He told me that back when he was in Iran he was Muslim, but now he just believes in God and that’s it. BUT. He then said, “But I was wondering if you could teach me about Jesus Christ and about what you believe?” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT? We set an appt for the Tuesday after I get back in Esbjerg. #NewInvestigator All because I helped him with his thing. And he had some good conversations with a bunch of members too! And with one of our other investigators! I love my life! I’m starting to really believe that service is the way to people’s hearts. We are called to serve after all.

Now I’m in Horsens for a week and lots of exciting stuff is happening. We have Christmas Zone Conference and I get to see my babe Sister Floyd! I love my life. I love Christmastime. Eet’s the BAYST! I LOVE eet.

Have a great week friends! T minus 11 days until I get to skype my famileeeeeee!!!

Søster Fergie

Søs Sø: “God will send two angels in beanies to you.”

We found this statue of these two naked men standing triumphantly.
Søs Sø: “Two naked guys standing for freedom! We just wanna be free from CLOTHES!”

“I might roast. You might as well call me roast.”

Søs Reed: “Save the rocks. Get a real sidewalk.”

Split-ception. Splits within splits!

Split-ception. Splits within splits!

​Took some pics with some white people.

​Took some pics with some white people.

I love Christmastime! Some nice people with santa hats gave us free clementines and cookies on the train

I love Christmastime! Some nice people with santa hats gave us free clementines and cookies on the train

​Beach in December. Who took that girl's coat off?

​Beach in December. Who took that girl’s coat off?


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