I’m, like, SMILING right now!

Welcome to my week. What did I do this week? Well, I guess I can tell you a bit about Esbjerg.

Esbjerg is on the south-west side of Jylland (the big part of Denmark), so I’m about as far west as I’ll ever go. It’s on the coast and if you get close enough to the beach and to the harbor, it smells like fish, as is the Esbjerg myth. But actually, it does smell like fish, just not all the time. Esbjerg is pretty flat (of course, everything is flat compared to Vejle), but I would compare it to Slagelse in flatness. There are some hills, but my legs don’t even recognize them as hills. I love being able to use 3rd gear this much!

We share the area with the elders. I don’t think there are any boundaries as far as that goes. We’ve got some good elders: Elder Gerber and his baby (hehe) Elder Allred, who is from Germany, but is American (Burst all of our bubbles). And then we have our district leader, Elder Jensen and his baby Elder Weese, who’s from Brigham City. They’re down in Sønderborg, which is like 2 hours away. They’re pretty great. Sister Van Orden and I are working on opening them all up. Of course the newbies are a little on edge with everything, and the trainers are a little stressed, but come on! Mission are supposed to be fun! We will be victorious.

Sister Van Orden and I have a good time. I don’t think I’ve been this close to laughing so hard I pee my pants so often since Sister Floyd! We have it real good. The other day we discovered a large suitcase in the closet. I asked if it was hers, because it was nice and my suitcases have always been a little worse for wear, and she said no. We pulled it out and it was HEAVY! We were like, WHOA. What is THAT? So we opened it and it was full of BEAUTIFUL clothes! I was afraid to touch it. This couldn’t be the sister genbrug (Genbrug means literally: use again. But it’s the word for thrift store.)! It was too good to be true. So we called a few previous sisters who’d lived in Esbjerg and they both confirmed that it WAS the genbrug!!!! PARTY!!! So Sister Van Orden and I both got new wardrobes. And we lived happily ever after. The End.

We have some great people we work with! We have a friend with a baptismal date! His name is Michael and he’s getting baptized on November 22nd! His girlfriend is a less active member who decided to turn her life around and start following the commandments, and she is the best member missionary ever because Michael is gonna get dunked in the waters of righteousness! Booyah!….

Never again will I ever use the word Booyah. I apologize.

My first lesson with him was… The Law of Chastity. It was like “Hi, I’m Sister Ferguson, it’s nice to meet you. Don’t have sex!” Actually I kept messing up and saying “det er okay at have børn inden ægteskab” (To have kids before marriage) instead of “indenfor ægteskab” (inside marriage) and Sister Van Orden kept looking at me like “No! That’s not the right word!” #awk

We have a few other less actives and investigators that are great! I lvoe people. People in Esbjerg are so much more open to hearing about the gospel than in Vejle. And I feel like I’ve grown up a lot too, and it’s not just because I just turned 20. Having greenies in your district does something to you, not in a prideful way, but it just makes you step back and look at how far you’ve come from since you were a greenie.

We helped a member defrost her freezer, and I was scalded with boiling water by my companion. I know, I know, true love burns, but I’m okay. A few pores on my forearm were destroyed and a few tears were shed, but overall, I’m doing good now. (No tears were shed, I was actually laughing.) We had to keep it a secret from the member. Good thing we were defrosting a freezer because there was so many things I could set on my burned flesh.

Saturday we journeyed to Odense for a women’s conference of both the Aarhus and København stakes! AND THERE WERE SO MANY PEOPLE I LOVED THERE! I got to see the one and only Sister Floyd. I’ve missed her so much. So many other beautiful sister missionaries were there also! And Lise Cohr 🙂 No one from Slagelse, and none of the people from Roskilde remembered me. I didn’t make a very big effort to get to know people in Roskilde because I was so focused on myself. Plus I couldn’t speak Danish at the time. The conference itself was so good! So much love. So much spirit. So much estrogen. So many crying women. It’s all good.

Yesterday we sang with the little kids in our ward’s primary program! It was so fun! I knew the melodies, but not the Danish words, but luckily they held the words up. There was a point though when they didn’t hold up the words for the chorus of “Follow the Prophet” and Sister Van Orden and I kind of freaked out. Learned pretty fast. Lots of mumbling, but luckily there are so many verses to that song that after a few times, we got the chorus DOWN! yus.

I also wanted to say really fast that I love translating. It’s the best. I feel like a boss, but I also know that it’s a gift given to me of the Lord that I wouldn’t be able to use without Him. I lvoe translating.

Well. It’s been good. This week hasn’t flown by, but I’m sure this next one will. They usually do.

Have it good!

Søster Fergie

Lilly (a less active): “It’s okay, just scrape the cancer off.”

Søs VO: “It’s beginning to look a lot like Spiderman everywhere you go.”

“I know the apostles are hip and everything…”

“We came to church 4 hours early to get the front row.”

“I won’t waste the Lord’s tissues.”

“If I shaved my head I could give my hair to locks of love. I could make a wig for a cancer patient, but then I would look like a cancer patient.”

“If we were REALLY representing the Savior, we would be wearing robes.”

The elders texted and said “Vi slået hendes græs” (we cut her grass) and I thought they said “Vi slået hendes gris” (We cut her pig).

Æ Jensen: “I’m so happy, like, I’m SMILING right now.” Is this the happiness gauge? I’m still happy but I’m not AS happy as Elder Jensen because I’m not smiling. J

I also can’t believe the amount of people that open their door in their underwear or less. WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD THAT BE OKAY FOR YOU??

​I didn't know Adam and Eve were Asian... and both men...

​I didn’t know Adam and Eve were Asian… and both men…

We decorated the elders' door for the new arrival! Tillykke!

We decorated the elders’ door for the new arrival! Tillykke!

​It's a dream come true!! This IS the sister genbrug!

​It’s a dream come true!! This IS the sister genbrug!

​I love this girl.

​I love this girl.



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