Man. This week. So many emotions. Up and down and all around. I turned 20!! Those days of teenagehood are behind me. It was a great day. Really interesting. I woke up to Sister Thompson’s quiet alarm waking her up to make me cinnamon rolls! Apparently, I sleep like I’m on guard duty. I opened an incredible package from my mom that I’d been waiting to open for like 2 weeks. I would just like to say that GETTING LETTERS AND CARDS FROM A BILLION PEOPLE I LOVE WAS THE BEST PRESENT I COULD HAVE EVER RECIEVED! Thank you everyone! I love you so much!

And then I got a billion calls from everyone I love in the mission. Elder Gudmundson, my district leader, can play the bagpipes and I told him, before I transferred to Vejle, that I needed to be in his district so I could hear his pipes. Then I transferred into his district and I never heard the pipes, but he and Elder Bennett called me and played happy birthday on the bagpipes just for me. I cried, I was so happy. Elder Lester called and Elder Shawn Gudmundson (my big brother), Sister Noorda, a bunch of other people that you probably wouldn’t know, and I got to chat with my Floyd-y Floyd and Sister Williams more than once because we could. I don’t know who ever said that birthdays on the mish weren’t the best, because they ARE! So much love! Even members secretly found out and got me little chocolate bars and such. Woot! I love people. It’s so nice to know that when I feel like I’m all alone, I’ve actually got, in addition to the army of angels backing me up, an army of family and friends backing me up as well. THANK YOU for all the love!

So do you want to hear about transfers? So many changes happened, as was expected. Sister Thompson and I had interviews with President on Tuesday evening. He told us that we were staying together, which we were SO happy about. I love Sister Thompson. I think we had a mini party on the bus ride home, planning our future life together. Then the next day at Zone Training I got up because it was my birthday and everyone sang to me 🙂 #OnlyBirthdayGirlInTheZone #MissionærHarFødselsdag #HoorahHoorahHoorah

While we were singing, President leans over to Sister Thompson and asks “Hey, will you train?” She was just like “WHAT?!” Then, as people were going around saying nice things about me (which meant a lot, btw. I never knew the way that other people saw me. Things like bubbly and welcoming, and funny. Where did those things come from?) and President raised his hand and said “I love how Sister Ferguson is so flexible”. I was just like “I don’t know if you’ve ever seen me try and touch my toes, but I am NOT flexible.” I realized that wasn’t the flexible he was talking about and it made me super antsy and anxious. Like, WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT, PRESIDENT?? When it got to transfer time, President got up and said “I know that some of you have only been in your areas for one transfer.” This whole time he’s looking at me and I’m just like PRESIDENT!!! He just says “Oh give the girl another cookie. She needs a cookie.” I gobbled that cookie. Then he says “Sister Ferguson, You are going to be transferring to Esbjerg with Sister Van Orden, and Sister Thompson is going to be training.” WHAT?! YOU JUST TOLD US LAST NIGHT THAT WE WERE STAYING TOGETHER!! He told us that his mind was changed by the Lord and some other factors that morning. I’m pretty sure this was a test of my submissiveness, but just like President said, I’m flexible. I told him last Monday that I was willing to go and do whatever and wherever the Lord wanted me. So now I’m in Esbjerg! With Sister Van Orden who is great! She used to be my Sister Training Leader.

What else, besides that bomb? Not much. Short little time in Vejle. Just as I was starting to love Vejle, even with its hills, I’m here in Esbjerg with it’s fishy smell (but not really) and wind.

I had an experience that I’m going to try and type quickly. We biked across an intersection and I saw a lady crossing the street who looked a little down. I got the impression to turn around and talk to her. I turned around and pulled up next to her and said, “I saw you walking and I felt prompted to ask you if there’s anything I can help you with?” She gave me the weirdest look, shook her head, and kept walking. I shrugged and was thinking about what had happened biking home. Sister Thompson gave me some great words: “Even if she wasn’t, God knew you were willing to listen.”

Life is good. I love my life!

Have a good one,
Søster Fergie

Last lesson with my Danish Bestemor, Rigmor... and her dog Kalle... Look at his face lol

Last lesson with my Danish Bestemor, Rigmor… and her dog Kalle… Look at his face lol

​This morning leaving Vejle. Love this girl!

​This morning leaving Vejle. Love this girl!

​Said goodbye to Sister Ripa! #TallBuddies One of my closest friends

​Said goodbye to Sister Ripa! #TallBuddies One of my closest friends

​Good morning ægte adulthood and wonderful package and cinnamon rolls

​Good morning ægte adulthood and wonderful package and cinnamon rolls


2 thoughts on “JUST KIDDING!!

  1. Hello, I have a daughter leaving for the MTC on Dec. 2 and she’s going to Denmark. I was wondering if you would share with me any helpful information about clothing or other supplies that my daughter will need. Thanks so much!


    • Congratulations to your daughter! Denmark is a fantastic mission! And the O’Bryants are really great mission president and mission mom. Good people!

      The best advice I could give is to sign up for the Missionary Moms email list for Denmark. You can ask the dozens of other moms out there who have missionaries serving in Denmark (besides just me). Sign up at LDSMissionaryMoms.com

      Denmark is a biking mission, so it would be easier if she were to take skirts that would work with a bike (nothing too tight). The weather is windy, rainy, sunny, cold, hot, etc. 😉 So it would be good to take a variety of blouses, sweaters, a light coat that could also serve as a raincoat, and a heavy coat. Also scarves, gloves, boots (waterproof), hats, and other such stuff for variable weather. I think they tend to share clothes, or pass them on to others, because I’ve seen pictures of Lucy wearing clothes that I’ve never seen before. 🙂 Oh, also, because of the biking, I would have her start now getting those leg muscles in shape. The first few weeks were really rough for Lucy’s legs.

      Lucy took a dual-voltage flattening iron and hair dryer that could be used both in the MTC and in Denmark with the different voltage, though she said that she seldom uses either, as her bike helmet quickly undoes any effort she puts into her hair. She didn’t take a power converter, because most things wouldn’t need it, but she did take a couple of adapters (to change the shape of the plug from American to European).

      Also, most things that she would need can be bought over there, though they can be a bit more expensive. As far as sending packages goes, it’s often easier and less expensive to just put money on her personal debit card (bank account) and have her buy things there. Mailing packages is expensive!

      I’m going to send you an email so you’ll have my email address. You can ask me other specific questions that way. Also, check out that Missionary Moms email list.

      Rosie Ferguson (Søster Lucy’s mom)
      p.s. Lucy doesn’t actually check her blog; she sends me the info, and I post it for her.


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