…and Great Was the Fall of It

What if I typed my entire entry in Danish and you all just had to either Google translate or learn Danish to read it? Nah.

Friends, colleagues, partners in crime, I would like you all to know that this is my last week of teenagehood. Never thought this day would come.

This week tho. I honestly can’t even remember what happened.
OH! On Monday we went to Jelling with our district! It’s pronounced like Yelling and it’s the home of the shouting stones! No, not really, haha, but it’s like the oldest place in Denmark and has these stones with runes on them carved by one, Gorm the Old, or Gorm den Gammel. He was the first king of Denmark, best friends with Odin, and creator of the great Jelling. I love our district. We all get along so well. Some of my favorite people right there.

I touched an original 1851 Book of Mormon! Never washing this hand again. 😉  (By the way, Danish was the first language the Book of Mormon was translated to from English.)

Tuesday we went on Blitz Splits in Esbjerg! What this means is that a bunch of missionaries go crazy contacting in one area that needs help! I went on Splits with Sister Van Orden AND my momma Sister Noorda! That was so much fun! It’s really windy in Esbjerg, and Sister Noorda has really short legs. I rode her bike against the wind and I almost died. It was weird to be riding her bike. I’d ridden alongside it many times, but I rode my mom’s bike. Weird. Super fun. So many missionaries!

We did service for a lady in our ward, Georgia, who’s actually from Ogden but married a Dane and now lives in Denmark. We picked elder berries and peeled apples. And we watched the Sunday afternoon and Women’s sessions of conference 🙂 I lvoe conference so much! (I also think that the word love should be respelled as lvoe because my fingers can’t ever type it the right way.)

Haha, we did the math and we have 10 investigators, but each of them has a catch. This is the life. We love them though. Good Things Happening.

We were stopped by a man at the Fredericia bus station yesterday who asked if we were American. We asked how he knew and he said that he used to invite the missionaries over all the time and make them donuts! Turns out he’s from Ireland! His name is Thomas Quinn and he’s my new best friend. He looked at my name badge and said “Fergusen. That’s Scottish! But it’s spelled wrong. It should be Ferguson.” Thank you, man. He knew it was spelled wrong, I lvoe him. I need to visit Scotland and Ireland sometime in order for my life to be complete.

Weel. Good week. It’s been getting colder and colder. I’m getting a new coat today because my rain jacket isn’t going to hold out the cold for too much longer. It’s kind of interesting here, and I don’t know why this happens, but the leaves here stay green until they are in the air, Falling Down to the ground, and they change colors mid fall. Haha, not exactly like that, but it’s no Boston, that’s for sure.

Have an excellent week! I lvoe you all!

Søster Fergie

ST: “Tro er som en klumpfisk.” (Faith is like a sunfish.)

Sometimes I assume that if someone is American or speaks English, that they’re gonna want to talk to us. “But, but…you’re AMERICAN! WE’RE American! We’re practically Family!”

​Those respectful, worthy priesthood holders of ours...  (Those aren't the Jelling stones, btw)

​Those respectful, worthy priesthood holders of ours…
(Those aren’t the Jelling stones, btw)

​Me, Søs Thomp, Æ Howland, Æ Brady, Æ Bennett,  og Æ Gudmundson, and Jelly, the big stone

​Me, Søs Thomp, Æ Howland, Æ Brady, Æ Bennett,
og Æ Gudmundson, and Jelly, the big stone

​Me and my Mom

​Me and my Mom

​This Picture is dedicated to our dear friend Amir  and all who were present that historic evening ("Kivi! Kivi!")

​This Picture is dedicated to our dear friend Amir
and all who were present that historic evening (“Kivi! Kivi!”)


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