That’s So Party!

Hello. Is it me you’re looking for?

I’ve found my new calling in life: pruning hedges. We’ve done so many service projects where they’ve looked at me and been like “You’re tall. Prune my hedge.” And I’m good at it! My triceps kills afterward because I’ve got zero muscle on my arms, but it’s so fun and such an OCD satisfier!

Work is finally picking up a bit! We picked up a few previous investigators and got an almost golden investigator! Hopefully. Crossing our fingers. She told us she feels like it wasn’t coincidence we met. Her name is Daria and she’s from Poland.

K, pause really fast. The man next to me in the library is listening to bagpipes. I’m a puddle…. I’ve still need to hear Elder Gudmundson play the pipes for us. I can’t believe he brought them on his mission!

It was my hump day on a hump day! Woo! Actually no. No woo. I only have 9 months left in this wonderful, frustrating place. Such a weird feeling. I remember when Sister Ripa hit her 9-month mark, and now she’s going home! Nope.

We were out visiting a member in Gadbjerg and on the bus on the way there, right before our stop, I saw a tractor that said Ferguson on the side! We tried to get a picture on the way back but, our bus was dumb and was late. I have discovered, though, that there is a museum in Horsens area that is completely about Ferguson tractors. I need to get transferred to Horsens just for that.

It’s October! What! Where has the year gone?

We had a miracle lesson on Thursday! His name is Kim and the spirit was so strong! We taught the plan of salvation and he accepted it! All of it! Even though he told us on the street when we met him that he believed in reincarnation, in this lesson he told us it was just something his mom believes. He told Sister Thompson that it was because of her spirit and sincerity that we were there sitting on his couch and why we can come back. He even felt the spirit; he just doesn’t know what that is yet. So stoked for this man!

On Friday evening (Man, I wish I had more time to go into thoughts and detail), we were invited by our buddy Deacon Christophe, a pastor for another church (can’t remember which), to a ‘religious get-together’ he was hosting! It was so interesting. We went because he’s our friend and he’s been saying great stuff about us and our church to his friends. They had a potluck thing and we got to sit and chat with a bunch of people of different faiths, and then they had a sing-along in the chapel to a bunch of gospel songs! WE SANG FREAKING KUMBAYA!!! Check that off my bucketlist. SO funny, I almost died. Then a lady afterwards was just like “That was so beautiful” I wonder if they know that, in America, or at least among Mormons, it’s a cheesy campfire song. Then they sang “In Christ Alone” and I was crying. I was just like “I love this song so much!” and the lady next to me said “You know this song?” Why yes. it makes me cry every time.

The whole experience helped me strengthen my testimony of what I believe. I could definitely feel the spirit sitting in that church, but it was incomplete. They wanted the whole truth but didn’t have it, so they made do with what they had. Interesting thoughts.

On Saturday we went up to Horsens for the baptism of a guy Sister Thompson not only taught, but found! So exciting! She couldn’t believe it actually happened. Happiness and joy can be found in this work, I know this to be true.

Then CONFERENCE! I LOVE GENERAL CONFERENCE! and I don’t have a ton of time to tell you about it, but I got some good personal revelation and things I need to work on. Man, I wish I had more time. My favorite talk was by President Nelson about women in the church and how we need to be bold. That’s one thing I’ve committed to work on. My mission is too short to be timid.

I love y’all! Have a fantastic week!

Søster Fergie

p.s. we woke up this morning and it was so foggy! Fog is awesome!

Quotes and Stories:
Søs Thomp: “Is that garbage or is it dinner?”

“I just want to sprinkle fairy dust on these people and make their testimonies grow by 3000!”

Sister Thompson chatted with a lady on the bus who said she hates bagpipes. I was just eavesdropping, but I almost cried. Who could hate bagpipes?!

We chatted with a man who told us he was Muslim because they’re clean. We thought he meant like morally, but then he went on to explain how Muslims wash their bottoms after they use the bathroom rather than just using a piece of paper like Christians do. That’s why he’s Muslim.

Rigmor to me: “You’re not as dumb as you look!”

Æ Gudmundson: “Keep the hygge snakke out of the stille zone”

Also Amir told me that I’m the best dressed sister missionary he’s ever met. Yus.

Dåb samling

Dåb samling

Denmark sunsets tho..

Denmark sunsets tho..

This was supposed to be a tractor picture.

This was supposed to be a tractor picture.


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