Come and See

Hello Hello Hello!

Welcome to my week. I have to tell you, writing this email/blog entry every week is one of my favorite things. You can know that if I’m not funny in real life, at least I’m funny on my blog. (At least I think so.)

This week. OH MY GOODNESS I HAVE TO TELL YOU! Monday night we had dinner with a lady in our Ward, she actually one of my favorite Things about living in Vejle, her name is Lise. Well we ate with her, Elder Howland and Elder Brady, Mohammed (a newly baptized member), and Amir (another newly baptized member). It was the most hilarious evening of my entire life. I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard since Sister Floyd. So Mohammed can barely speak English, Amir can speak English but not very much Danish, and then there’s us, who as you know, are always laughing, and Lise. Lise is a character, and she didn’t really know how to take our hilarity so she just went with it. I needed a good laugh. Man, you’d had to have been there, but let me just say that when someone doesn’t speak a ton of English, but speaks enough that he knows how to joke and be sarcastic, it’s SO funny. Amir is hilarious. He also speaks Russian! I wowed him with the 2 Words i can remember and the thing they’d say on the train, “осторожно…” and my 100 ruble bill.

We got a new friend named Comfort Thompson! We knocked on her door just because her last name matched that of my dear companion. She’s warm and hearty and from Ghana. Everyone, I have a black mama. I am so happy. She told us she’d watch out for us and if we needed any food or anything, to just let her know!

We had Zone Conference in Aarhus! It was kind of anti-climatic because we’d just seen everyone on sunday at Stake Conference, but still good! What a great training. So much spirit. I think trainings are one of my very favorite Things about being on a mission.

We went on splits! I took over Vejle with Little Sister Mann! Okay, I just have to say really quick, I think it was a requirement (excepting me, Elder Curtis, Sister Williams, Sister Ripa, and Sister Woster) that you have to be under 5’7″ to come to the Denmark Copenhagen mission. I haven’t had a comp taller than me and I won’t unless Sister Williams comes.

Anyway, splits was great! We had a good time. I took her up our hills and she almost died, haha. Sister Thompson tells me that maybe I’m more cut out for these hillls than I thought I was. #poweredUpthosethings #calvesofsteel We had some good lessons and good times. Sister Mann is cute.

After splits (I totally brought my journal so I could remember) we had so many things happen!

1- We saw a girl wearing a hoodie and thought it was weird because Danes do not wear them. We talked to her and it turns out she was an exchange student in Idaho and her host Family was LDS and she’s been to Temple Square! what a small world!

2- We caught a frog in my umbrella and Sister Thompson picked it up! She didn’t get to last time. We named it Spong jr. She was freaking out.

3- We walked past 2 people gathered around something that turned out to be a hedgehog! Sister Thompson held it (it’s a thing). It was so cute! There was this black guy with a great deep voice who kept saying “Hvor sød!” It made me happy.

4- We had an appt with an earlier investigator named Duc from Vietnam. We started talking and it turns out that he’s read everything and knows it’s true, he’s just too busy to do anything about it. WHAT EVEN IS HE AND WHERE HAS HE BEEN HIDING?

Last but not least, let me tell you about a miracle that happened this morning. So we went out to take our laundry down to the laundry room, which uses the same key as our apt. I got the key stuck in the hole and it wouldn’t come out. We were stuck outside in pjs. So I suggested we say a prayer. we did and then tried the key right after the prayer and it came right out! God lives, everyone. I just want you all to know that He loves us all and pays attention to the little Things in our lives.

I had an excellent study this morning in Jesus The Christ and wanted to share a line with you:
“The spirit of our Lord’s invitation to the Young truth seekers, Andrew and john, is manifest in a similar privilege extended to all. The man who would know Christ must come to Him, to see and hear, to feel and know. Missionaries may carry the good tidings, the message of the gospel, but the response must be an individual one. Are you in doubt as to what the message Means today? Then come and see for yourself. Would you know where Christ is to be found? Come and see.”

“To comprehend the works of Christ, one must know Him as the Son of God; to the man WHO has not yet learned to know, to the honest soul WHO would inquire after the Lord, the invitation is ready; let him Come and See”


I know Christ is my Savior and Redeemer and that he died so that we might live. I feel my testimony grow every time I share this message. I’ve felt Him personally in my life and it’s something I cannot deny. If you need a Little push, please, I invite you to learn of Him.


Have an excellent week everyone!

Søster Fergie


Amir: “We are cat because we eat mouse, but I am tiger”

Lise: “I think we should have said a longer prayer”

Man on the street: “I’m Buddist, as you can see by my belly”

Søs Thomp: “Har du betalt din teething?”

“I have this yummy coconut body wash that I always want to eat, but the bottle tells me not to”

Mark, our ward mission leader: “Life without the Plan of Salvation will be like a headless chicken, not knowing where to go”… #Profound

Festen er her

Festen er her



Our hedgehog!

Our hedgehog!

Blind vej



Spong Jr.

Spong Jr.

Sometimes, you just gotta take a break and climb a snail pillar.

Sometimes, you just gotta take a break and climb a snail pillar.


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