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Ahh, so cluttered – my thoughts that is. I forgot my notebook with everything I wanted to write In it. So hopefully, I can remember all of my thoughts. I’m going in order of how it’s quickly scribbled down on my scratch paper here, not in order of importance or chronologically.

On Thursday President O’Bryant and his lovely wife came to visit our apartment! We had a really great deep cleaning, and they thought our apt was adorable (because it is, especially when it’s clean). We made them dinner and had our interviews. I really like how President O’Bryant is doing things. It’s different from President Sederholm, but it’s really good. He’s having us focus more on becoming better missionaries and people than doing better missionary work. We’re also not doing leadership positions like a hierarchy anymore, but anyone can be anything (kind of scary, but exciting). For example, you could only be a zone leader if you’d been a district leader, but now anyone could jump to zone leader or assistant or district leader or trainer. The thing is that he wouldn’t stick someone who’s not very responsible as an assistant or a zone leader, but now it could be any responsible, worthy elder that can hold that position.

On Tuesday we went with Tina out to Korsør to stop by this cute little Italain man we’d met out there last week. We brought Tina because the man didn’t speak any English or Danish, only Italian, and fun fact about Tina, her first language was Italain. So we dropped by and he was so very happy to see us! And so surprised that we’d brought someone who spoke Italian! His only family is his daughter-in-law and his granddaughter. We asked him if he liked to read and gave him an Italian Book of Mormon! He told us we were like his daughters! SO CUTE! Haha, he told us that if we come back we should make sure to bring Tina because otherwise we’d just be smiling and laughing and making hand gestures.

We had zone training in Roskilde on Wednesday! It was so great! We aren’t calling anything meetings anymore, they’re now councils, so everyone can be a part of it. It was a lot of crazy things. We’re focusing on contacting and getting peeps into that nadvermøde. Sister Floyd and I gave a short presentation on how we’ve changed ourselves to be better instruments in God’s hands. It was great! We were grateful for that opportunity.

Okay. Big stuff. As in the stuff I’ve been wanting to tell you about. So Thursday night we were planning and we set some goals for the next day in an area we’d planned to go knocking. Our goals were to get 2 new investigators and 3 new potentials. The next day, before we set out, we prayed that we could reach those goals. We went to the area with a member and started knocking. It was so easy to ask if we could get their number or pray with them. Not so easy to get a return appt, but acheivable. At the end of our planned time we looked at our numbers so astounded! We had just gotten 3 new investigators and 4 new potentials! It was all because we didn’t just set goals and expect God to bless us with bounteous blessings; we really worked for it. (It was also in part because we had our lovely Natasha along.) The next day we came back to that same area and found 2 more investigators! Just reaping that harvest! So many miracles! Also we got 22 lessons this past week! HOW DID THAT EVEN HAPPEN??! Just so y’all know, in Denmark that’s crazy. I think the most our district has gotten, cumulatively, is 35 lessons in a week. Last night after we gave our numbers to the district leader, we get a call from Elder Hawkes and Elder Lester, screaming in my ear that Sister Floyd and I were leading the zone! It was actually kind of embarrassing because Elder Hawkes sounded like a 13 year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert. And all that has been making us really uncomfortable. We don’t know how to take this.

Okay. On to randomness.

We got our nails done today because we helped out our friend Mathilde the other day, so she did our nails for free! I luff them.

One of our new investigators believes in Thor and Odin and sacrifices animals to them… AWESOME! I kind of don’t want to convert him because that’s just so awesome, not the sacrifices, but I’VE NEVER MET ANYONE THAT ACTUALLY BELIEVES IN THAT STUFF BEFORE! #Scandanavia #Whoisthisguy?

So we were at Anny and Leo’s (our weekly Thursday eating appt) and their daughter Sara was over with her family. We like to speak English with Sara, so we were carrying on and Leo, who can’t speak any English, just says, “Jeg vil også gerne grine med…” (“I will also like to laugh along…”) it was so cute and so sad! We quickly switched to Danish. Leo actually has a funny story of when he and Anny were in Utah for General Conference and he needed to find the bathroom. He kept saying “Toilette, toilette” And apparently no one understood him so he finally said “Ladies and gentleman” and someone was like “Oh! The restroom!” He was so flustered. haha I love him. He’s like a teddy bear. Sara was telling us about her daughter playing with My Little Ponies and Leo just says, super cute, “My Little Pony”.

Have a wonderful week! I love you all! I really hope I haven’t forgotten anything.

Mahal ko kayo!
Søster Fergie

Quotes/Funny Stories:
Søs Fl: “Santa doesn’t snow. He doesn’t snow”

I contacted this old lady who wasn’t very interested and I accidentally said “You have en fortsæt god dag!” and then walked away awkwardly

We were praying on our way out the door and the mailman shoved mail through the slot in the middle of my prayer and I almost peed my pants. Scared me to death!

When President was visiting our apt he asked if he could use the bathroom. We said of course but then I said “You have to be careful though. The toilet seat comes off. It’s name is actually Temptation because you should try not to fall into it” He looks at me weird and says “Oh, I was just going to wash my hands…” And then I realized that he’s a guy and might not even be sitting on the toilet anyway. #SuperAwks

Søs Thompson: “Hey Guys! Sister Floyd has a ballad!”
Someone in the background: “Oh no…”

“No one wants to lose their testimony OR their goldfish”

I'm the new Sister Sederholm. You're welcome, Zone.

I’m the new Sister Sederholm. You’re welcome, Zone.

Love these peeps #BedsteMissioniVerden

Love these peeps #BedsteMissioniVerden

Du er for høj!

Du er for høj!

Just taking pictures of anything that smiles

Just taking pictures of anything that smiles


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