Gel, You Are Bob Coax Amazing!

Goddag Goddag. This week wasn’t the most exciting thing in the world, but we always manage to have a good time, whether it’s eventful or not. We actually went on splits this week with Søster Ripa and Søster Van Orden! We were going to have it here in Slagelse; we had a plan set up with almost appointments and such, but they called and told us that we actually need to have splits there in Gladsaxe because they’re needed. So we did. I was with Sister Ripa and Sister Floyd was with Sister Van Orden. It was so very fun because Søs Floyd and Søs Van Orden were MTC comps and I haven’t been on splits with Sister Ripa since my first splits which was when I was about a month old.

The reason the Sister Training Leaders had to stay in Gladsaxe was because they/we had to help out with what is called ‘DaneTræf’ – kind of like EFY for the whole country of Denmark (all the LDS youth). We were there with the other elders (love the elders in our mission) and we taught the kids how to respond to questions their friends might have about the church! It was so awesome! And I got to see a bunch of kids from our ward here in Slagelse and from Roskilde!

The other thing about splits was Sister Ripa and I rode the bikes while the other sisters took buses and walked. But Sister Van Orden’s bike was still up in Horsens so she’s been riding this bike, it’s called “The Terminator” It’s a man’s bike and it’s a racing bike so the seat is really skinny and uncomfortable, and I made the mistake of wearing a pencil skirt so I had to take a BIG step over the middle bar (long legs) and the handlebars were lower than the seat so my butt was up in the air. It was a funny sight, let me tell you. Me and The Terminator just started to get along when I left. I love Sister Ripa though. She’s so great!

On Saturday, we had a ward BBQ to celebrate the end of our ward 40 day fast! It was so fun! I hadn’t been to a ward BBQ in so long! And we had it out in the parking lot! So much fun. My hair was braided by a small child (any excuse to get my hair played with), another small child totally made saft with warm water.

Søs Floyd: “DRINK! MY! HOT! KOOL-AID!”

And I got some potato Salad on the table and Stefan put his elbow in it. It was absolutely hilarious and everyone was like “Søster! What have you done?” I was just like “It wasn’t me! It wasn’t me!” But it was me, hehe.

I actually was able to fast this past week. I started it on the way home from splits and ended it at Anny and Loe’s house for dinner 🙂 Best place to end. Such good food. But this fast was so awesome for me because I wasn’t hungry all day and I really focused on what I was fasting for throughout the day! So great! The church is true.

I gave a 15 min talk in sacrament meeting yesterday! I was freaking out so much! It’s hard enough for me to give talks in English, let alone Danish. The best thing was that the talk was only supposed to be 10 mins. 🙂 The whole day on Sunday was just great. I gave a talk, we taught guesteklass on the sabbath day (perfect topic, don’t you think?), and the Relief Society lesson was so great! We split off into old ladies and us younger ladies and our lesson was awesome! It was about marriage (don’t you worry) but we talked about how we can make family life in general work and maybe even with our companionship. It was so good! I also loved it because it felt like I was back in my singles ward. It was so entertaining and personal!

Another thing I wanted to talk about is a miracle. So we used a bunch of MSF at the beginning of the month and have some left, but maybe not enough to make it through the rest of the month. So we’ve been eating the food we already have and making that do. Well, God has blessed us with so much food. We have an eating appt every day this week. On Saturday, I complimented the guy who grilled all of our meat, and he gave us a bunch to take home. And at church yesterday, one guy gave us a box of muffins and another gave us some more meat! So many blessings! I’m so very grateful to Heavenly Father.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Søster Fergie





Vores lejlighed

Vores lejlighed

It was just so hot and the water just looked so nice...

It was just so hot and the water just looked so nice…


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