Godmorgen Ny Forflyttelse!

(title translation: “Good morning new transfer!”)

Yes yes, it is a new transfer. We said goodbye to 2 of our elders/brothers in God yesterday(I may or may not have cried. Missionary life is rough and I love them), but this week we’re getting 2 new ones, one of which is brand spanking new! Elder Lester is gonna be training and I won’t be the newbie anymore! Kind of excited.

So lots of exciting things happened this past week. First is Zone Conference! Apparently they don’t happen a lot. But we combined with the other zone on Sjælland. It was incredible. So much spirit, in fact afterwards I was completely exhausted. We talked about a lot of exciting things coming up and had a live transfer meeting. Lots of tears and also excitement. (I was already crying because we’d just talked about the resurrection and stuff. Spiritual overload.) Søster Noorda and I are staying together for another transfer!

Our next big thing was the one month meeting we were going to go to last week, but it was actually this week! Oh my gosh, let me tell you, the joy I felt when Elder Gudmundson came around the corner and the sadness that I couldn’t give him a big bear hug were equally powerful. It was incredible to see my MTC family again and to see how much they’ve progressed! We also had the opportunity to go to the temple. It was really interesting, but also emotional. I listened to it in English, but could still hear the Danish. So weird. And I was thinking back to the last time I was in the temple, I didn’t know when the next time would be that I would have the opportunity to visit, so having it be so close was such a blessing for me. And Mom, You can add Copenhagen Denmark to our temple passport! It’s such a beautiful temple.

Fun stories:

  • The Green Centurion – There’s this bike that’s in the same spot on a hill we bike up pretty much every day. It can’t speak (because it’s a bike) but it cheers me on every time. If it was a person I’d hug it. Or high five it. I think one day I’ll make a comic book character THE GREEN CENTURION The wayside hero. Uplifting the weak.
  • On the bus the other day, I was telling Søs Noorda how I’d always wanted to tell someone I was sitting next to on the bus or train that God loved them and see what they would do. We were laughing about saying, “I can feel God’s love for you because I’m a representative of Him. Here, let me show you,” then touching their shoulder and having love shoot into their soul. We were picturing Darth Sideous shooting pink lightning yelling “KÆRLIGHED!!!” haha – funny stuff
  • When we’re biking, Søs Noorda always goes around manholes and bumps in the road, and I have been as well, not because I’m worried about my bike, but because it’s a game! One day I’ll make an iPhone game that’s of a missionary dodging things in their path. They probably already have one.

I have a story. So on Saturday, right after football, we biked 6 miles to Bente’s (a less active member that was moving that day). The way was rough, I was extremely sore and tired from soccer and the wind was blowing so hard towards me. I started crying and asked God why the wind was ALWAYS blowing towards me. He told me that since it was blowing so hard this direction on the way there, that the way back would be easy. I doubted it and thought “well it’s changed suddenly before, why wouldn’t it do it this time as well?” But, like He promised, the wind was at my back, and in fact pushing me, the entire way home. I was very humbled and grateful. I know that God loves me because He puts me through rough things that He knows will strengthen me and help me grow. I’ve been studying faith a lot and I don’t have enough time to type all of my thoughts up, I just want you to know that it’s incredible. Next week for sure I’ll get those to you. I asked Ældste Hawkes if I could share them in district meeting this week.

I don’t have a lot of time, but I’d just like to say happy birthday to Sarah Crapo, My little brother Spencer who’s THIRTEEN!!! WHATTTTT!!! and also to Sai and Tillie because I’m a noob and forgot. I also would like to say that the shaved sides of head and the floppy top haircut that every single guy under the age of 20 has here is awful and you’re really dumb to follow the crowd to look ‘cool’.

Med Kærlighed,

Søster Fergie


Our last day as a district (plus some awesome ward members) awkwardly spaced

Our last day as a district (plus some awesome ward members) awkwardly spaced


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