Wahh! So much to type and so little time!! #missionarylife #forberedelsesdag

First, I named my bike Rosemary. Don’t know why but that has to be its name because I was having a rough day and I thought about rosemary and then started singing “ROSEmary DUN DUN dun…” out loud while biking and then coming up with things that rhymed like:

TOOTH fairy
JIM carrey
little house on THE prairie
RON & harry

So yes, that is its name.
(I think she’s referring to the song Rosemary from How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.)

This past Saturday we played Folbold! (soccer) So fun, despite my lack of athleticism. Though I’m regretting it now because apparently running uses different muscles than biking and I’m so sore. It made me happy though because all the elders were hobbling around at church yesterday too. I apparently have soccer skills I didn’t know I had, though you wouldn’t know it by looking at me. There’s talent hidden deep, deep inside…

On Friday we’d been misinformed about the date of my one month meeting, so we went all the way in to København (Copenhagen) and had to come all the way home and figure out what to do for the whole day. I was really upset and disappointed because we were going to go to the temple and I’d get to see my MTC family again, but it’s apparently this week instead of last week.

Our investigators are doing well! In a previous lesson, we told Britt that we’d like to keep our lessons to 25 minutes. She told us we could do that. The next lesson, we came in and she had an egg timer ready and set to 25 minutes and a bowl of popcorn (because we could eat it fast). Sådan.

Also! We have another investigator, her name is Solvej; the missionaries have been teaching her for just over 8 months. She smokes a lot and is always sad because her husband died last year. Last week she told us that she wants a little break which made us very sad, but the other day she texted us and told us she wanted to meet with us and talk. So we came over and we talked about where we go when we die, which she’d learned before but it was good to review, and about how we feel the Holy Ghost. She had been telling us that she hadn’t been feeling the Holy Ghost when she prayed. So we explained that we don’t always hear an audible voice, sometimes it’s just a feeling and she told us that she had had that feeling, but she’d been expecting a voice! So that was really good to clear that up. She told us that she’d been reading Mormons Bog on her own and will keep doing so. Lastly we challenged her to turn her music off when she prays and reads the scriptures so she can feel that spirit more clearly and she said she would! The next appointment we had with her she turned her music off for us (without us asking) and told us that she’s been feeling really happy and wants us to come more! I love her so much! 

I was noticing that sometimes it’s really easy to look at someone and see the obvious problems that need to be fixed, like smoking habits and the need to be baptized, like Solvej and Britt, but you sometimes need to dig deeper and find little things that will strengthen that foundation so that the bigger things can work themselves out on their own. I don’t know if that makes sense, but it’s helped me a ton this past week.

Nothing else really exciting happened. This is the last week of this transfer. Holy crap, time flies. I’m super sad because my district has been like my family away from home and two of the elders are most definitely going to be transferred. 😦 Life goes on I guess, and whoever comes in will be great.

Ummm. Super short entry, I’m sorry.

I love you all!

Søster Ferguson


A talk I read that I shared with SO many people in so many åndelig tanker this past week:

The Atonement Covers All Pain

It made me cry.  Also go look up “Grace” in the Bible Dictionary and cross reference it to Moroni 10:32-33.




Dirty window gives my picture a surprisingly neat effect.

Dirty window gives my picture a surprisingly neat effect.



Someone parked their tire

Someone parked their tire

(I actually think someone stole the bike that was attached to it.)

Fart means Speed in Danish. Had to take a pic of it at least once while I'm here.

Fart means Speed in Danish. Had to take a pic of it at least once while I’m here.

(This photo is dedicated to Harry Williamson.) 😉


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