Moving Up!

Hej! I have 2 weeks left of this transfer but because I’m training, I’m not going anywhere! It’s good. Roskilde is growing on me. It looks prettier in the sunshine.

So last Forberedelsesdag (P-day) after we were done emailing, our district went to the viking museum here in Roskilde! At first glance, it was pretty interesting, but wait! There’s more! We looked across and were just like “crayons!” and then there were costumes! Museums aren’t fun unless you have both of those Things. (this computer is capitalizing the most random Words).

Also my district is pretty much the best on planet earth, so it was a party. We went and got kebabs (kind of like a burrito, but a Little different and bigger) and just chilled in the kebab place playing get-to-know-you games. Ældste Hawkes is all about those get-to-know-you games. We played one the other day when he and Ældste Parry were driving us home from an eating apt; it was called extreme get-to-know-you. He’d ask us a question and we’d have 10 seconds to give an answer or Ældste Parry would crash the car. Except they were questions like “favorite memory. GO!” and our brains would crash. Luckily we did not, because our elders are liars when they say that they’ll crash the car. I’m still alive. I really need to think of more funny life stories because I could not think of any at the time. My life is boring. If there are any funny stories from my life that you want to remind me of, please feel free.

On Friday, we had zone training for the VestSjælland zone. It was great! I think we have about 4 districts in our zone. The zone leaders spoke, the sister training leaders spoke, and Præsident Sederholm spoke as well. I am very much edified. I also know that Præsident Sederholm is a man called of God to preside over us as missionaries. I could feel power when he spoke to us that no one else could have tried to replicate.

After zone training, Søs Noorda and I went on splits with the sister training leaders, Søs Wright and Søs Ripa! It was incredible and I learned so much! Søs Ripa helped me to come out of my comfort zone a Little more; to not be as afraid to speak even if my grammar is completely wrong. I think I really need to learn how to be more comfortable and not look like a stick while standing on someone’s porch. I understand so much Danish! It’s incredible to see how much I grow from day to day.

So the other day we woke up and it was beautiful and sunny (it keeps getting more sunny) and warm! Søs Noorda and I biked out to Svogerslev, which is about maybe 6 miles from our house, but it was so beautiful! I can’t wait to see this place when it really starts to get warmer and the trees become green Again! My legs weren’t even sore, and the neighborhood in which we were bank på-ing was so adorable! At the very last house, an old man opened the door and was just like “come in!” We were so sad because we couldn’t come in because his wife wasn’t home, but we wanted to so bad! He was so nice! So we’re coming back. And it’s great because he lives right Next to a less-active that wasn’t home.

I’ve been studying Alma 5 and Helaman 5 this past week. I read Alma 5 all in Danish and I understood pretty much everything! But there’s so much good stuff in both of those chapters. What is it with the 5 chapters? Alma 5, Helaman 5, Jacob 5… Lucky number 5 I guess. I love it. I want to just pick them apart forever.

I would like to give a S/O to:

Alyssa, Dennis, Speedy, Parker, Alicia, Sarah Crapo, Amanda, Paden, Jimmy, Mike, Drew, Elder Mauntana Solomon, Elder Ben Christian Isaksen, My wonderful district (Ældste Hawkes, Ældste Parry, Ældste Howland, Ældste Lester, og Søster Noorda), my Family, Sai, my old MTC district, my MTC teachers, Elder Uchtdorf, Elder Holland, President Monson, and the Sister Training Leaders.

I would also like to publicly Express my eternal gratitude for my Savior, Jesus Christ, for helping me through rough days & sending sunny ones; for helping me learn Danish and for Grace, but more importantly, Repentance through His Atonement. I would not be the person I am today without Him.

I love you all! I have no idea who reads this blog, but I want you to know that God loves YOU. Thanks for all your support.


Søster Ferguson


Talks to look up:
“I Will not Fail Thee nor Forsake Thee”
We Never Walk Alone
What Thinks Christ of Me?
Mountains to Climb
Come Unto Me
Oh! Also quotes from this week:

Me: “Hej! Vi er missionær…”
Man walking away: “Super!”

“I’ve never seen a chicken tiptoe before”

The sisters on the front porch with the iron rod (which is the Word of God)

“Africa is part of Asia, right?” – Ældste Parry

Us: “Hej! Vi er missionær fra vores kirke…”
Lady: “Nå! Er du mormoner?”
Us freaking out: “Ja!”
Lady: “Nå! Jeg er Jehovas Vidne!”
Us: “Ah…”

I’ll get finished with a long introduction in Danish and they’ll be like “I’m sorry, can you speak Danish?” I’m like “I was speaking Daniiiiish :(” Gimme a break, jeg er virkelig nyt.

District Activity - Viking Museum

District Activity – Viking Museum

Vikingskib Museet

Vikingskib Museet

My district in Viking garb

My district in Viking garb

Dear Sai: Nutella is my favorite. I only have maybe less than a third left though.  :(

Dear Sai: Nutella is my favorite. I only have maybe less than a third left though. 😦

Søndag Morgen Cykel Billede

Søndag Morgen Cykel Billede



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