Første Dag

Since I have so much time on this 8-hour flight, this will be the longest journal entry I’ve done so far. I never have enough time to write at night. I left my journal in my checked luggage accidentally, so I’m writing in this. I’m so glad I brought it (notebook).

So this morning a guy took us and dropped us off at the frontrunner station. We too the frontrunner to a trax station and then to the airport.

I was a little scared about sitting next to a random person and carrying on a gospel-related conversation so I could fulfill my purpose as a missionary. I sat down in between an LDS guy and a lady who I find out is Catholic. The LDS guy was nice but wasn’t really talkative.

This was the coolest conversation ever. I said a little prayer before, so God could help me, and He did. I talked to this lady (her name was Cathryn) about everything! We talked about the difference between pleasure and joy, and I told her why I follow God’s commandments (because I love the freedom I have when I have God’s trust). We talked about how we obey our parents because we love them and want to make them proud. She started crying and told me that her mom died this past Friday and she hasn’t told anyone about it. I told her about my mom, and she told me about hers. We totally bonded. I love this lady. I gave her my email so she could send me pictures of her dog. It was so neat! She told me that she really respects me.

(Lucy did get an email this week with a photo of Cathryn’s dog.) J

We got to talk to Lucy from the SLC airport before she flew out last week. It was fun to hear her excitement to be finally getting out into the field! She was assigned to be the travel leader for her group, and both she and I thought they must have chosen her because of all the European travel that she did last year (Russia, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania). We laughed at our pridefulness, though, when she said that they actually choose the travel leaders alphabetically. “Ferguson” comes before any of the other missionaries in her group.  <<feeling sheepish>>

With FlightAware.com, we were able to watch her little airplane fly across our computer screen (Sleepless in Seattle-style) as she traveled from SLC to Dallas/Ft. Worth, to London, and finally to Denmark. There’s even an app for that, so I could check her progress on my phone at various times during the night. She finally touched down in Copenhagen at about 6:30 am, Utah time, on Tuesday morning. Denmark is eight hours ahead of us, so it was 2:30 pm, her time.

I got an email from the mission office letting me know that she had arrived, where her first area is, and who her trainer will be. Beyond that, though, it was a looooong week waiting to hear from her, especially after hearing of a terrorist-related shooting in Copenhagen on Saturday.  We got used to hearing about terrorist bomb threats and such when Elder Ian was serving in Sochi, Russia before the Olympics last year. I haven’t ever worried about him or about Lucy, but it was surprising to hear of terrorism in Denmark (especially during her first week in the country). I’m grateful that God protects His missionaries wherever they might be serving.

You can imagine how happy I was to finally hear from her this morning, though. 🙂  You can read about her first week in the field in her next blog post. Click the “follow” button on the right sidebar to get these updates in your email.


This is my journal entry on the airplane.

This is my journal entry on the airplane.


MTC Teachers

My fantastic teachers

My fantastic teachers


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