Last (Almost) Week at the MTC!

Yes Yes, it has come. I’m finally leaving! Dang that went by fast.

So the other day we found an article on that has a picture of us singing in the choir in it! Click here.  I’m on the second row up by his left elbow 🙂
Also all you St. Pete missionaries (I’m not sure how many of you read this) I ran into President and Sister Clark in the cafeteria the other day! I couldn’t believe I recognized them, but I went and said hi.
Sister Schulzke got reassigned to Tallahassee Florida for medical reasons, but it’s a good thing. We miss her a lot (she left for the field yesterday), but we know that this is what’s the best for her. We all felt so peaceful about it. It was emotional, but I know she’ll be happier. She’s still gonna try and keep working on her Danish because I know that even if Denmark isn’t where she was meant to be, God still gave her the gift of tongues and boy does it work. She was one of the very top in our class as far as getting the language.
So my neighbor at the residence, Sister Quinney, is going to Cebu just like my roommates, but we found out that we’re related! Her great-great grandpa, Ola A Sonne, is my great-great grandma, Elsie Nora Sonne’s brother! 4th cousins! She’s my favorite and she’s super gorgeous. Proud to be related!


Also I was having fun on family search the other day and I followed my line back, and apparently I’m related to Josephus the historian. I was freaking out, but no one else knew who that was.

Umm, what else. We leave this next Monday! We fly to Dallas/Fort Worth, then London, then Copenhagen! I’m super excited! I’m way excited to meet my mission president and his wife! Every time we walk by their picture with all the other pictures of mission presidents and their wives, I feel like I know them already! So excited to meet them. Also leaving the security blanket of the MTC is daunting, but not really scary. I think it helped that I lived in Russia before (God really prepared me well).

U’m I’m not sure what else. Sister Williams and Sister Landvatter are companions for the rest of our time so it’s just Sister Orr and me. I love her though. My companion is so incredible. She is caring, even though she doesn’t think she is, and she helped me out a lot the other day. She gives the best back rubs in the whole world and we’ve gotten super close. Everyone is so nice. I don’t really need other people to tell me that I’m important to make me feel important, but it’s so nice when they do, especially when you’re having a bad day.

Btw, SARAH AND JIMMY YOU ARE THE BEST EVER!! I got a package slip and I was like “Who would be sending me a package?” Turned it in and got CUPCAKES BACK! AND YOU DROVE ALL THE WAY DOWN TO PROVO TO GET THEM FOR ME??!! So um, I kind of have the best friends in the whole world. Also the best ward. And the best life. And the best district. And the best zone. My life is just good.

Before I forget, because I do every week: QUOTES!

S Landvatter: “The spirit does weird things to my body”

E Gudmundson: “If I wasn’t myself I’d stalk me too!”

Bro Hartman: “You’re blond dear, you don’t have to think, you just have to look pretty”

Bror Williamson scratching the paper turtle: “Oh yeah. Mmm, it’s like he’s scratching me”

E Gudmundson: “VI VIL IKKE VAND!!!”

Me: “He’s only like 2 years older than us!” S Landvatter: “Yeah, what a weenie”

E Gudmundson: “Ow! You just scratched me with that balloon!”

S Orr: “I was pondering with my eyes closed”

S Landvatter: “Soooo, since it’s our P-day can we go stalk that cop?”

Okay. Sorry, I kinda beat myself up last week because I forgot to post those. Some of them are really funny to me but it might just be because they’re inside jokes. Idk, I love my district.

Okay, I love you! Vi ses i min smukke Danmark!


Sister Ferguson

Awkward photo with the Awesome Dutchies

Awkward photo with the Awesome Dutchies

Finally with the Danish flag (instead of Swedish)!

Finally with the Danish flag (instead of Swedish)!

What are you all looking at?

What are you all looking at?


Sister Lucy and Sister Williams singing Savior, Redeemer of My Soul in Danish in a stairwell at the MTC.


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