Hello from week 3! It’s a double hump day because I’m halfway through the MTC and it’s Wednesday. So time here is really weird. It goes by so fast and so slow at the same time. Every night I’m like, “Holy cow I was just sitting here on my bed last night!”… I mean, duh, but… K, I’ll just stop talking haha. TIME IS FUNKY.

K, so funny story. The other night we were kneeling down after class about to pray and I let a rather large fart slip. It was so bad! Everyone was dying, especially Bror Williamson. I think we were laughing more at him than anything else because his face when he’s laughing so hard gets screwed up into kind of a feline snarl and just sticks there because he can’t breathe. Once he caught his breath again he blurts out, “In the 20 months that I’ve worked here I have NEVER heard a sister fart. I didn’t even know you guys did that!” We were dying. SO funny! No dignity left, but what an ice breaker!

(I’m so sorry about Lucy’s lack of culture. I’m not going to claim any fault in that. I think I’ll blame this one on her Aunt Rachel.)

The Dutchies left on Monday. 😦 It was pretty sad. We love them. We get 4 new Dutchie elders today though! One of them is from Norway.

Another funny story. So we’re sitting in branch leadership counsel in Sunday and someone reads something on the bulletin that we’re not supposed to wear hats or scarves indoors. Everyone looks immediately at me and my big poofy scarf and so I slowly take it off, and I kind of threw it on the ground like “FINE! I won’t wear it!” Everyone laughs, and throughout the meeting Brother Hartman (the one who went to Denmark and is our bud) kept making comments like “Sister Orr, how do you deal with your companion’s anger issues?” and “Elder Gudmundson, try not to mention anything too loud about a S-C-A-R-F around Sister Ferguson” The meanie. He keeps calling me Scarfless too. Haha. New nickname, right next to Seaweed 😉  (Sisters actually are allowed to wear scarves; it’s just the elders wearing their winter scarves inside. So it was a misunderstanding.)

Sundays are interesting. It messes with your mind because we are kind of at church every day, so Sunday doesn’t seem that different, but I love them because we don’t have to stress about anything; we can just focus on the Spirit. In the morning I have branch leadership meeting, then all the sisters get to go watch Music and the Spoken Word! It’s my FAVORITE part of the day because I’ve missed music so much! And the video clips just of nature and God’s creations make me feel so good! Then we have Relief Society as a whole mission. Sacrament is later in the afternoon around 3. Every week everyone in our whole zone has to prepare a talk in our mission language and they select two during sacrament to speak. It’s kind of nerve-racking because no one knows if they’re going to speak or not. After Sacrament our zone walks up to the temple! I love this time! We always get a lot of good pictures. Then we have choir (We didn’t go to choir this week.) and a fireside. The fireside this week was just to introduce the new MTC presidency. Then we can watch one of a selection of videos. We watched another Elder Bednar talk called “Becoming a Preach My Gospel Missionary” It was really good!

What else…

Oh! Our lessons with our “investigators” are going well! The language is getting way easier; I don’t take as many notes into the lessons as I used to.

I think one of the blessings and tools we as missionaries have is to be able to be the windows of God’s love. Like I can feel a portion of His love for our “investigators” and I always try to show them that love. I hope that makes sense.

Tuesday night (last night) Elder Ballard came to speak to us! It was really good – all about how to be the kind of missionaries we’re supposed to be.

So, my favorite chapter in the entire Book of Mormon is Alma 26 and I seriously have heard someone quote it every single day I’ve been here. God is real, everyone, and I know He loves ME because that chapter is a tender mercy just for me (If you don’t know what a tender mercy is, go read the last few verses in 1 Nephi 1.)

Jeg ved at Jesus Kristus er det Søn af Gud. Jeg ved Han elsker os, Han elsker alle os, og Han elsker DIG. Jeg ved at kirken er sand og at vi har en sand profet på jorden idag. Dette profet er Thomas S. Monson. Jeg har en STOR vidnesbyrd på Forsoningen. Det har hjælpe mig alle dag af min liv. Jeg er så taknemlig til blive i MTC nu, og jeg er så klar til undervise Guds evangelium til menneskerne på Danmark.

Have an incredible week!

Søster Ferguson

Quotes this week:

Ældste: “We spoke with one voice, and that was Sister Orr’s voice”

Sister Landvatter trying to ask Sister Williams when her birthday was: “When’s your birth? What’s your day?”

My district :) They're kind of the best.

My district 🙂 They’re kind of the best.

Still collecting sunsets!

Still collecting sunsets!

Us with the Dutchie sisters

Us with the Dutchie sisters

Elder Le Duc gave this to Sister Landvatter who gave it to me. It says "Sister Landvatter! This banana is dedicated in honor of Sister F. It is required of you as steward of this banana to make sure it is always found on her pillow" Don't even know, but it made me laugh.  Sister Dunn: "It looks like the Virgin Mary..."

Elder Le Duc gave this to Sister Landvatter who gave it to me. It says “Sister Landvatter! This banana is dedicated in honor of Sister F. It is required of you as steward of this banana to make sure it is always found on her pillow” Don’t even know, but it made me laugh. Sister Dunn: “It looks like the Virgin Mary…”

Ældste Gudmundson and Elder Le Duc

Ældste Gudmundson and Elder Le Duc


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