Welcome to the MTC!

Dang, that was the longest week 😛 but oh my gosh I have so much to tell you!

I have 2 kommerater, Søster Orr (from the Sacramento trip) and Søster Landvatter! We have another companionship, Søster Williams (Milly) and Søster Schulzke, we also have one ældste, Elder Gudmundson. He is a solo elder, his companions are in the dutch district (right next door), so he is kind of having a hard time – not being able to practice his Danish with his companions. He’s gold though. He’s like the big bror of the group, also our district leader (surprise surprise 😉

(Søster Orr and Søster Williams flew to Sacramento with Lucy for their visas, so she was already friends with them before the MTC.) 

Danish is so amazing, but SO hard. We’ve taught our investigator, Matthias, about 4 times and it’s terrifying and frustrating at the same time because we want to tell him so many things but we don’t know how yet. It’s awkward to be looking up words and terms in our dictionaries in the middle of our lesson. But he told us he felt the spirit last time!

My zone is incredible! We have all the Scandanavian missions except Finland, so Sweden. Norway. Denmark, and the Netherlands/Belgium (yes, like in the Best 2 Years). All the Swedes and Nords left on Monday and it was so sad because even though we didn’t know them for very long, they were like family. We get newbie Swedes, Nords, and one Dutchie today though! So excited!

(She’s only been there a week, and already they’re not the newbies anymore.)  🙂

I got assigned to be the online coordinator. I just let the newbies know how to get on and email the branch president, get on the online language course, and other stuff.

So on Sunday I got up and bore my testimony in Danish! I love being able to pray and bear my testimony. Also, it was fast Sunday, so we had mission conference, study time, and sacrament meeting. Then our whole zone walked up to the temple and took pictures, then we had a fireside, then we watched this INCREDIBLE talk by Elder Bednar called “Character of Christ that totally humbled me, and we as a district set a bunch of goals to learn the language not for ourselves, but for Matthias and for the people of Denmark.

My Danish teachers are Søster Taylor (She is absolutely adorable) and Bror Whitlock. I love them.

So things are going pretty good! I love this place and I feel like I’ve been here FOREVIGT (forever). 5 weeks to go!

Jeg elsker dig! Dig en fantastisk!

Vi ses!

❤ Søster Lucy

Our zone in front of the temple (I'm not actually going to Sweden ;) haha)  (Can you please send me my Danish flag?)

Our zone in front of the temple (I’m not actually going to Sweden 😉 haha) (Can you please send me my Danish flag?)

Mine kommerater

Mine kommerater

Mine District

Mine District

Breakfast with some of the Swedish elders

Breakfast with some of the Swedish elders

Ældste Gudmundson

Ældste Gudmundson

Walking to the temple on sunday

Walking to the temple on sunday

The Map

The Map


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